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Eye Tests

Why Do I Need An Eye Test?

Many people believe that because they have never worn glasses they don't need to have regular eye tests. What they fail to realise is that an eye test is not just about what you can see, it is also about checking the health of the eye and can provide information about your general health.

Contrary to popular belief an eye test doesn't hurt! Carried out by one of our fully qualified optometrists your eye test will include:

- A discussion of the reasons for your visit:-
Is it routine or are you having sight problems?

- A check of your sight:-
Reading letters on a chart or for children and those who are unable to read, pictures or letter matching is used.

- A check of the exterior of your eye:-

- A check of the interior of your eye:-

- A check of your binocular vision:-
Testing the control of your eye movements and assessing your depth perception

- If appropriate to your age, a check of your eye pressures and visual fields:-
Important for detecting the presence of glaucoma

- The option of a photograph of your retina

Did you know, one in five of the population put their sight at risk by not having their eyes tested. You only get one pair of eyes - look after them!

Eye Tests for Children

As a qualified Orthoptist Lesley is very keen to emphasise the importance of early eye tests for children. Many parents take their children for regular dental checks but forget to take them for eye tests. Ideally children should be seen from about two years old since regular checks can detect squints and lazy eyes as well as long and short sight. Early detection of any problems means that they can be treated as soon as possible, helping to minimise damage to the child’s vision.

The thought of an eye test can be scary for a child so why not bring them along with you when you have your eye test done so that they can meet us and see what we do. Our children’s corner has toys, colouring and puzzles so you might have trouble getting them to leave!