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National Eye Health Week Test September 2014

Q. When was the last time you had your sight tested?

a) Two years ago or less
b) Less than five years ago
c) Ten or more years ago

Q. How often do you think you should have your eyes tested?

a) Every two years
b) Every five years
c) Only when I notice a change in my eyes

Q. Are you a smoker?

a) No
b) I quit in the last 10 years
c) Yes

Q. How much fish do you eat?

a) Two or more portions a week
b) Once a week
c) I rarely eat fish

Q. How many servings of fruit and veg do you have on average?

a) Five servings a day
b) Two servings a day
c) I rarely eat fruit and veg every day

Q. How often do you give your eyes a break when working on your computer, tablet or mobile device?

a) Every twenty mintutes
b) I look away every hour
c) I only look away from my screen when it is lunch or bed time

Q. How often do you exercise?

a) I do at least two hours of physical activity a week
b) I have a fairly active lifestyle
c) I rarely exercise

Q. When doing DIY around the house, do you protect your eyes?

a) Yes I always wear safety goggles when doing DIY
b) I occasionally wear goggles
c) I never wear safety goggles

If you answered

All As – Congratulations – You are an eye health star. Keep up the good work!

As and Bs – You could be doing more to protect your eyes. Making small changes to your lifestyle and having regular sight tests will help maintain your eye health.

Bs and Cs – Your lifestyle is putting you at an increased risk of sight loss. Lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and having regular sight tests with help maintain your eye health.

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