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New Challenge

This past week has presented me with a new challenge….take measurements for and order a handmade frame.

It has been an exciting but daunting experience as in reality many of the measurements I had not taken since I was a student. With such a diverse variety of frames available now in a wide selection of colours and sometimes more than one size, we don’t get a call for many handmade frames. Even with the variety that is available, sometimes it is difficult to find a perfect fit for someone say with a narrow bridge on their nose or needing a longer side length.

Armed with the details for Premiere Optical Lab, who we actually use for frame repairs, I discovered they had been making frames for the past 50years, for individuals, TV, theatre and film (they made the first Harry Potter glasses) as well the optical trade. Who better to send my order to!

After a lengthy conversation with the very helpful lab technician I was ready to go…all I had to do was wait for them to send me the order form as well as my colour samples. This gave me the perfect opportunity to catch up with my old lecturer Liam and to confirm I did know what I was doing!

The arrival of my colour samples was a bit like Christmas (expect I knew what the present was), who knew there was so much choice when it came to tortoiseshell?

Acetate samples

With my patient measured up (and checked twice for good measure – as my manager says ‘measure twice and cut once’) and the colour picked out, we were all set.

Handmade Frame Order Form

Now to await the arrival of my first handmade frames…