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Christmas Shop Window

Well it's that time of year once again! Where we must find inspiration for our next Xmas window display. In the months leading up to Xmas Lesley and I have the same conversation on a daily basis…….What are we going to do for a Xmas window?

Unknown to me, Lesley's little brain is ticking over and having thoughts and ideas and drawing inspiration from this around her. Whereas I like to talk things out loud and discuss potential ideas or thoughts, Lesley is the slow silent one who I swear on certain days you can see the cogs ticking in her brain. 

In our 7 years we have done everything from fun to festive and silver icy to winter wonderland. So what could we do this year that we haven't done before?

For us we have found that if the window is engaging enough and attracts kids and adults alike, then it is a job well done. Nothing puts a smile on our faces faster than a small child (or large adult) stopping and looking at the window.

So here we are 21st November and we have finally had the 'Ahaa' moment, where everything falls into place and a plan is hatched. Now busily collecting all things Christmassy as props for the window ready to start creating our fantastic window display.

Hopefully by this time on Friday it will be all finished and ready for you to see!