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National Eye Health Week

National Eye Health Week

National Eye Health Week is happening between Monday 17 – Sunday 23 September and at 20/20 eyecare opticians in Harpenden, practice manager Lesley Connors, Optometrist Barbie Wheatcroft and Dispensing Optician Sam Farooq are busy preparing posters, leaflets and a window display to promote the event.

National Eye Health Week is an opportunity for optometrists, charities and other organisations to reinforce the importance of regular sight tests for all.  The campaign is based around four key messages which encourage people to take positive steps to look after their sight:

Vision matters – you only have one pair of eyes – look after them.

Regular sight tests are important health checks – you could have an eye disease without realising it.

Making the right lifestyle choices can help keep your eyes healthy – not smoking and eating a diet rich in anti-oxidants (eg fish, fruit & vegetables)

Sight tests are free for many people – more than 30 million people in the UK are entitled to a free eye examination paid for by the NHS.

To encourage people to find out more about sight tests for both adults and children, 20/20 eyecare will be holding 'open house' during National Eye Health Week.  This will be an opportunity to call into the practice and speak to the staff about sight tests and looking after the health of your eyes.

Having spent over 25 years working in eye care, Lesley believes in the importance of  having  regular eye checks even if you don't wear glasses. "Sight tests aren't just about what you can read on a letter chart; one of the most important aspects of the test is the information that we can gain about your eye health and also your general health. Also, many parents don't realise that although children have their eyes screened at school, this in not a full sight test so some conditions such as squint or muscle imbalance could be missed. Since children's sight tests are covered by the NHS we would encourage parents to bring their children regularly in the same way that they have their teeth checked at the dentist".

For more information about sight tests please contact;

20/20 Eyecare on 01582 766613 or email info@2020eyecare.co.uk

For more information about National Eye Health Week go to www.visionmatters.org.uk